Crop Farming

Crop farming

Fertile soils as far as the eye can see

Russia is the largest territorial state in the world and offers excellent conditions for crop farming.

Most of the Ekosem-Agrar Group’s farming operations are located in the Eurasian Chernozem belt. Chernozem is characterized by a high humus content and is one of the most fertile soil types in the world. The Group controls 630,000 ha of farmland, which is equivalent to 880,000 football pitches or almost 2,5 times the size of the German federal state of Saarland.


The main task of the crop farming segment is to secure the feed supply for the company’s own livestock. The land used for this purpose will continue to be expanded taking the requirements of the individual locations into account.

As the productivity of the dairy cow herd hinges on the quality of their feed, special attention is paid to continuously improving the cultivation methods and the selection of varieties for the fodder crops.


Lucerne and maize are the most important feed crops. Soy, rape and maize are important elements of concentrated feed, but can also be sold to external customers. Furthermore, management primarily relies on summer and winter wheat, sugar beet, peas and oil seeds, especially sunflowers for the cultivation of market fruits.


In the crop farming segment, Ekosem-Agrar operates with state-of-the-art agricultural technologies. The use of GPS-based precision farming applications for soil-specific cultivation, block farming and gentle tillage techniques ensure optimum resource management.