Education & Qualification

A range of opportunities

Employing more than 14,000 people (31 December 2019), Ekosem-Agrar and its subsidiaries are an important employer, especially in structurally weak, rural areas.


Agriculture has clearly gained in esteem in the eyes of the Russian society over the past years. As there is strong competition for qualified labor, the Group has launched a number of initiatives to attract suitable employees to the company and to support their development.

We cooperate with universities and colleges throughout Russia. Our popular scholarship and internship programs offer tomorrow’s experts diverse opportunities to gain initial professional experience at our farming operations. More than 1.000 students from various universities and colleges completed an internship at one of our locations in 2019.

We place a special focus on the vocational and further training of our employees.


The “EkoNiva Academy” further training program was launched back in 2010, followed by a training center for specialists and executives in the Voronezh region in 2015. Moreover, all departments regularly complete internal and external training courses. At seminars and excursions to Western Europe, North and South America, our specialists and executives can expand their competencies and learn more about the industry’s latest best practice methods.

In 2018, special agricultural classes for pupils were established in cooperation with local schools. The seminars and practical units support students in preparing for admission to agricultural universities and promote the image of the agricultural profession.