EkoNiva commissions new dairy plant in Moscow Region

EkoNiva commissions new dairy plant in Moscow Region

26 October 2023 News from the Company

The EkoNiva group, the largest producer of raw milk in Russia, announced the commissioning of the new dairy plant "Bortnikovo" in Stupino district of Moscow region. The total investment amounts to 4.1 billion roubles, with Rosselkhozbank as the financial partner. The opening ceremony was attended by the Governor of the region, Andrey Vorobyov, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Rosselkhozbank, Denis Konstantinov, and the President of the EkoNiva Group, Stefan Dürr.


The "Bortnikovo" dairy plant has been under construction since 2020. The project is designed for 3,550 animals in dairy farming and 5,100 animals in young cattle farming. The production capacity of the plant is 34,000 tonnes of raw milk per year. The implementation of the project has created 135 jobs.

The facility includes four cow barns, three areas for keeping young animals, a feed store, a silage yard, a hygiene station, a rotary milking parlour and other facilities. The herd consists mainly of high-performing Holstein cows. Modern, efficient programmes are used for herd management, including Eko.Feed, EkoNiva's own developed feeding software.

The facility is open to the public as part of the EkoNiva Group's field trip project. The excursion programme includes a tour of the site, learning about animal husbandry conditions and a visit to the roundabout. The programme traditionally ends with a tasting of EkoNiva's finished dairy products. Guests can also take part in master classes or active outdoor games.

"We went to see Stefan Dürr [founder and owner of the EkoNiva Group] because his business ideas have been successfully implemented in many regions of our country. Here in Stupino, there used to be a state farm. But thanks to the technology, the team Stefan has and his commitment, today we have the opportunity to open a new milk production plant – a big plant with expansion possibilities. And it is great to see the EkoNiva Group continue to develop both here in the Moscow region and in other areas. One of the key factors here is, of course, the federal programme for preferential loans. We have now met with young employees who are involved in genetics, agronomists. I very much hope that more young people will come here. Thanks, among other things, to the agricultural mortgage programme, young people come here with their families to plan their future and realise their professional ambitions," said Andrei Vorobyov, Governor of the Moscow Region.

"In 2023, Rosselkhozbank has allocated 55.8 billion roubles for the promotion of dairy farming, which is 5.5% higher than the result for the same period last year. The Bortnikovo project will make a valuable contribution to the development of milk production in Russia and to supplying the market with fresh natural products. I consider the implementation of this project a new example of effective partnership between the Moscow Region Administration, EkoNiva Group, Rosselkhozbank and the Ministry of Agriculture," commented Denis Konstantinov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Rosselkhozbank.

"The commissioning of the Bortnikovo dairy plant is of great importance for strengthening EkoNiva Group's presence in the Moscow region. Residents of the capital, Moscow Region and other neighbouring areas, as well as our partners, will now be able to visit the plant and personally follow the journey of natural quality milk 'from the field to the chiller cabinet'. As an industry leader, it is very important for us to familiarise citizens with modern milk production. In this way, we not only underline the openness and transparency of EkoNiva's activities, but also increase people's interest and trust in dairy products," says Stefan Dürr, President of EkoNiva Group.

About Ekosem-Agrar

Ekosem-Agrar AG, Walldorf, is the German holding company of the Ekoniva Group, one of Russia’s largest agricultural companies. With a herd of more than 223,000 cattle (including over 112,000 dairy cows) and a milk output of 3,400 tons of raw milk per day, the company is the country's largest milk producer. The group controls an agricultural area of approximately 630,000 hectares and is also one of Russia's leading seed producers. The founder and CEO of the company is Stefan Dürr, who has been active in Russian agriculture since the late 1980s and has played a key role in its modernization over the past three decades. In 2009, he was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit for his services to the German-Russian agricultural dialogue. The group of companies has around 12,000 employees in nine administrative regions in Russia. Ekosem-Agrar generated a total output of EUR 657 million and EBITDA of EUR 188 million in fiscal 2021.