EkoNiva-products attract interest in Serbia

EkoNiva-products attract interest in Serbia

15 July 2021 News from the Company

EkoNiva presented its products for the first time in Serbia, visiting Belgrade as part of the business mission of Russian export companies. The meeting was supported by Ministries of Agriculture and Chambers of Commerce and Industry of both countries.


The development of bilateral trade in agricultural products between Serbia and Russia, as well as the main trends and conditions for profitable cooperation were the main topics of discussion.

Russian Minister of Agriculture Dmitry Patrushev, Deputy Minister Sergei Levin, Serbian Minister of Agriculture Branislav Nedimović, State Secretary of the Serbian Ministry of Agriculture Bogdan Igić, and Head of the Office of the Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Russian Federation Dejan Delić, among others, participated in the discussion forum.

Furthermore, representatives of Russian agricultural industry presented their products to the Serbian participants. EkoNiva presented itself at the forum as a supplier of dairy products and seeds.

"It is our first visit to Serbia, the company's first step in this country, aimed at getting acquainted with the market, its potential and partnership opportunities," says Yulia Yurchenko, Deputy Head of International Projects Department at EkoNiva. "To our Serbian colleagues, we presented our export products - the ultra-pasteurized milk and cream of the Professional Line product line. During the meetings, we also held talks with major milk processors and exchanged contacts. The Serbian side was also interested in our hard and semi-hard cheeses and desserts and we will explore the possibilities of cooperation in more detail."

EkoNiva also presented its own varieties of seeds.

"The Serbian market is new to us and has a number of particularities that we still need to get to know better," comments Yuri Barmichev, Deputy Managing Director of EkoNiva-Semena. "We presented our own varieties of winter wheat (Cepheus, EN Albireo, EN Taygeta) and soybeans (EN Argenta) to our Serbian partners. The interest is there, but the demand still needs to be evaluated."

The first step towards a close cooperation between the two countries has been taken. In the further course, the agreements have to be concretized.