EkoNiva sets a record every day

EkoNiva sets a record every day

8 April 2019 News from the Company

EvoNiva started the new year with big launches in Voronezh oblast - four dairy farms, 2,800 cows each, at one stroke.

A unique event took place at EkoNivaAgro, the largest enterprise of the holding. The new dairies started operating in Liski and Bobrov districts of Voronezh oblast on the same day.


Popular team sports — football, hockey, basketball and volleyball — were the theme of the official opening ceremony, which is no accident as EkoNiva actively promotes a healthy lifestyle and team work. The special guests of the event had a blast kicking balls into the gate, shooting pucks into the hockey net, hitting the basket and playing volleyball with EkoNiva’s team.

“It is an extremely rare case that one company launches four dairy farms simultaneously’, says Aleksandr Gusev, Governor of Voronezh oblast. ‘Today, the dairy industry is the focus of the state government attention, so we will also keep supporting EkoNiva and other agricultural producers of the region.”

Each of the new dairy farms in Bodeyevka, Dobrino (Liski district), Korshevo and Bobrov II (Bobrov district) has three barns, a feed storage area, a calf area with individual hutches and a young stock lot. The milking parlours are equipped with 72-stall rotaries and 16-stall herringbones.


In addition to natural and healthy milk, EkoNiva’s dairies have supplied the districts with 480 new jobs thus contributing to fighting local unemployment.

EkoNiva will keep hiring people in the district. According to EkoNiva Group President Stefan Duerr, dairy farms in Peskovatka (Bobrov district) and Petropavlovka (Liski district) are at the final stage of construction now and are expected to be commissioned this spring. Besides, the commission of Staraya Chigla dairy (Anna district) is scheduled for this summer.

“We are launching four more dairies in the second half of the year”, says Stefan Duerr. “They are going to be standard dairy farms. Each farm will have 2,800 milking cows and cost 2.5 billion rubles. In 2020, it is planned to put into operation two more dairies in Divnogorye (Liski district) for 1,000 cows each. Those enterprises will be certified as organic productions, that is why they will start operating later.”

The implementation of these projects will set a record: no other company has ever built seven dairies of such a scale in a single year.

Source: EkoNiva News 63

Translation from Russian