Ekosem-Agrar extends the assortment of organic milk products

Ekosem-Agrar extends the assortment of organic milk products

3 March 2022 News from the Company

Ekosem-Agrar is expanding the production of organic products and is the first milk producer that now produces the ultra-pasteurized organic milk in Russia.


EkoNiva Organic brand ultra-pasteurized milk with fat content of 3.2% is already available in Perekrestok and Auchan retail chains, Utkonos online store, and EkoNiva's own brand stores in Russia. The product will soon be available in other major Russian retail chains.

EkoNiva's ultra-pasteurized organic milk is made only from raw milk produced in accordance with organic farming standards. The MosMedynagroprom dairy (Kaluga region), where the organic raw milk is processed, is also certified according to organic production standards.

A QR code is applied to each package. By scanning it, consumers can learn more about the principles of organic farming and production.

Modern processing technologies and packaging solutions help EkoNiva Organic ultra-pasteurized milk retain its natural properties. Thanks to ultra-pasteurization, short-term "shock" heating up to 140 degrees and subsequent "shock" cooling, as well as sterile Tetra Pak packaging, EkoNiva Organic milk can be kept for up to six months without losing its quality and nutritional qualities.

Nowadays, more and more people, concerned about the environment and their own health, prefer organic products. In turn, companies are eager to respond to customer requests in a timely manner.

"We see a particular interest in organic milk among professionals from the catering industry, especially baristas. They attach great importance to the quality and taste of the milk they use. EkoNiva's organic milk has a distinct creamy taste and is characterized by a high vitamin D3 content and a high protein content of at least 3.2g per 100g. The high protein content ensures that a stable and dense milk foam is formed. Ultrapasteurization also facilitates storage and use of the product, which is especially important for professionals in the catering industry," says Ekaterina Dürr, the deputy marketing manager at EkoNiva-Produkty Pitanija.