For all!

For all!

21 January 2021 News from the Company

"Working for the benefit of people" is the motto of the employees of Stupinskaya Niva. In August 2019 the construction of the new dairy plant Bortnikovo started in the Stupino district, Moscow region.

The new dairy plant Bortnikovo is designed for 3,550 dairy cows and 5,100 young cattle. Three calf rearing stations and the milking facility have already been completed. The construction of four cow barns is still in progress.

"In November the new NivaRotor milking rotary developed by EkoNiva-Tekhnika with 72 milking places was put into operation," reports Ramil Bikbaev, manager of the new dairy cattle complex. "It works perfectly. Already 1,593 cows are kept in Bortnikovo. The total milk output is currently 25 tons per day."

As it has become a tradition at EkoNiva, people will also be allowed to visit the Bortnikovo dairy complex. Even those with reduced mobility will be able to visit the farm.

"With a lift that will be installed here, you will be able to go up to the viewing platform quickly and comfortably," tells Ekaterina Bartseva, head of the excursion projects department at EkoNiva. "The panoramic window on the observation deck will be much larger than the previous ones. Visitors will be able to watch not only the milking process on the carousel, but also the work of the milkers. In addition, we are planning to install a system for manual milking on the farm premises. Those who wish can try out the tedious work by themselves."

Completion of the Bortnikovo dairy plant is scheduled for the end of 2021. 130 new jobs will be created here. At the moment, 88 people are employed. 14 students from different parts of Russia are doing an internship here.

By Daria Denisova