Fostering lean production

Fostering lean production

2 August 2021 News from the Company

“Sibirskaya Niva” has enrolled in the national Labor Productivity Project. The plant is one of the first movers in lean production in Siberia.


This initiative is aimed at boosting labor efficiency at medium-sized and large enterprises in the non-commodity sector. The goal is to reach a 5% annual performance increase by 2024. Already 34 companies from Novosibirsk are participating in the initiative. Sibirskaya Niva is one of the first participating companies in the agricultural sector.

‘Our main objective is to enhance the professional competence of our employees and to improve the operational efficiency’, explains Ivan Poddubny, Deputy Regional Director of Sibirskaya Niva. ‘With the help of the Regional Labor Productivity Centre experts, we would like to identify and eliminate our weaknesses and improve all of our important KPIs.’

Penkovo dairy, Maslyanino district in the Novosibirsk region, was chosen as the pilot project site. The lean production concept comprises the entire production processes: from the preparation of feed to shipment of the milk. The project is expected to increase labor productivity, reduce production losses and their cost price, while maintaining the quality and technical level of production. The expected economic effect is an increase in milk yield per cow by 10%.

‘The basic difficulty in our production area is that we do not work with a machine, but with live animals: There are processes that cannot be postponed or stopped’, says Elena Khandoshko, Herd Nutritionist by Sibirskaya Niva. ‘Therefore, before launching the project on our farm, we had carried out a comprehensive analysis and optimized every process: feeding, moving cows, milking and other routines.’

After the successful implementation of the project on Penkovo farm, it will be applied to other operations of the company.