Prime Minister Medvedev visits Ekosem-Agrar

Prime Minister Medvedev visits Ekosem-Agrar

10 October 2013 Corporate News

  • Russian head of government pays a visit to Voronezh branch
  • Government subsidies continue to focus on milk production

Walldorf/Voronezh, 10 October 2013 – On Tuesday, 8 October, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and a delegation of ministers, members of parliament and agricultural experts visited the largest agricultural business of the Ekoniva Group in Voronezh. A subsidiary of German holding company Ekosem-Agrar GmbH, the Ekoniva Group specialises in milk production in Russia and has meanwhile become the country’s largest milk producer.

During his stay of several hours, Medvedev was informed about the processes of milk production. At the subsequent on-site Cabinet meeting, he promised that the government would continue to subsidise the milk industry and proposed, among other things, to extend the interest rate subsidisation for loans raised to build dairy cow facilities to up to 15 years. In the talks on the financing of agricultural projects, the Prime Minister highlighted the pioneering role played by Ekosem-Agrar through the issue of two corporate bonds at a European stock exchange (Stuttgart). He called this an interesting and innovative way of raising capital which is conducive to the further development of Russia’s agricultural sector.

Prime Minister Medvedev was especially impressed by Ekoniva’s state-of-the-art milking systems, which enable automatic recording of the milk output and milk quality as well as continuous monitoring and effective animal care. He also asked the Ekoniva team about the latest precision farming systems and about a current project for the conversion of agricultural businesses to organic farming. The Prime Minister also praised Ekoniva’s educational efforts in the region. Apart from training specialists in milk production, the company cooperates closely with several regional schools in order to inform children at a young age about agricultural professions, the benefits of dairy products and their production.

“The Prime Minister’s visit is an honour and an incentive at the same time. The talks have shown that the government attaches great priority to expanding Russia’s milk industry. We are pleased that our suggestions and contributions on this issue were welcomed and appreciated by the government representatives and agricultural experts,” said Stefan Dürr, Managing Director and majority shareholder of the Ekoniva Group.