Providing for the future

Providing for the future

4 January 2019 News from the Company

The educational AgriClass project was launched at Kudinov secondary school (Kaluga oblast).


Leonid Gromov, Minister of Agriculture of Kaluga oblast, agreed with Stefan Duerr’s words and looked back on his childhood.

‘I come from Matveyevo village (Kostroma oblast). Our family was large, all the children helped the parents with the chores on our small farm taking care of two cows and pigs. So, I can say that I was a student of our own family AgriClass’, says Leonid Gromov. ‘Frankly speaking, I used to dream of becoming a navy sailor, but it didn’t work out and I don’t have a single regret about it now. I must say it is great that high school students can consider and make an informed choice of a profession to join. The students at the school desks today are the people to manage our agriculture tomorrow.’

Galina Aparushkina, Director of Kudinov school, has a 30-year experience in education. ‘Nowadays, a particular focus is placed on developing farming sector and rural areas’, says Galina Aparushkina, ‘which makes me very happy as my children and grandchildren live in the countryside and I want them to have access to all opportunities in life.’

Participation in AgriClass programme gives students an insight into the future profession. In the framework of the educational project, they can visit agricultural enterprises. Besides, on Mondays, teachers from Kaluga affiliate of the Russian State Agricultural University named after K.A. Timiryazev will teach the students of Kudinov school biology, physics and mathematics, which also helps them to get better prepared for the Russian State Exams. Thus, the students will increase their chances to apply to a prestigious university.

‘AgriClass will provide the students with the opportunity to fulfill their ambitions’, says Aleksey Slipetz, Acting Rector of Kaluga Affiliate of the Russian State Agricultural University named after K.A. Timiryazev. ‘

Nowadays, it is rather challenging to enter a good university, therefore good academic knowledge is of essential importance. Besides, the AgriClass students have an advantage of two additional points to their total State Examination result. Little as it may seem, it can play a decisive role in entering a university free of tuition fee.’