Seeds take priority

Seeds take priority

5 November 2020 News from the Company

Roman Starovoyt, Governor of Kursk oblast, has visited Zashchitnoye plant breeding and seed production enterprise located in Shchigry district, Kursk oblast. The honoured guest was welcomed by Stefan Duerr, President of EkoNiva Group, who introduced him to the specifics of seed production and plant breeding.


EkoNiva is one of the major Russian producers and suppliers of non-GM seeds of cereal and pulse crops. In 2020, the seed production volume is expected to reach 85,000 tons. The company produces seeds of 14 crops, with 57 varieties in commercial multiplication. The geography of sales comprises 58 regions. The customer base numbers over 1,000 agricultural enterprises in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Ethiopia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Belarus.

‘High-quality seeds are in high demand among this country’s farmers’, says Stefan Duerr. ‘Over the last 4 years, the sales of seeds have increased threefold. For this reason, we are currently expanding the production capacities. The construction of a plant breeding and seed production center is underway here, in Kursk oblast.’

The project comprises a seed plant with the capacity of 200 tons of seeds per day, a temperature-controlled seed facility (15,000 tons of seeds) and a plant breeding center. The investment volume amounts to 1.1 billion rubles. The annual rated plant turnover capacity is going to reach almost 70,000 tons. A third of the plant breeding center construction work has been completed, currently the seed plant and the storage facility are being built.

Next year, the construction of a logistics center, the investment in which amounted to 400 million rubles, is going to commence in Okhochevka. It will enable the company to ship 2,000 tons of packaged seeds by trucks as well as 600 tons of bulk seeds and 600 tons of bulk grain by rail transport.

‘Plant breeding is a top priority’, says Yuriy Vasyukov, Regional Director of Zashchitnoye. ‘The establishment of a plant breeding center will have a positive impact on the development of domestic plant breeding in terms of search and creation of new competitive varieties of field crops.’

The long-term plans call for shifting the core business area of the enterprise from selling seeds to entering the market with intellectual products.

‘Seed production and plant breeding are promising areas in farming’, points out Roman Starovoyt. ‘The entire industry will benefit from their progress.’

In conclusion of his visit, the Governor of Kursk oblast pledged comprehensive administrative support to EkoNiva.

By Tatyana Ignatenko