Animal Welfare

Only healthy cows produce high-quality milk

The well-being of the animals is an important factor for the milk output and the consistent quality of the raw milk.

This is why all of Ekosem-Agrar’s new dairy cow facilities feature large free-range sheds with daylight and good ventilation as well as comfortable resting places. Trained employees and veterinaries permanently check the health of the animals.

We also attach great importance to the quality and digestibility of the fodder. Our fodder is grown on our own fields, which means that we always know what nutrients our cows get.


Our employees regularly carry out analyses in our own laboratories to ensure the best possible feed supply for our herd.

For several years, we have organized excursions to our dairy cow facilities in the Voronezh, Kaluga and Novosibirsk regions to allow anybody who is interested to satisfy themselves of the well-being of our dairy cows. To this day, more than 55,000 participants have visited our farms in the context of the “Academy of Dairy Sciences”, a project designed to improve the image of the agricultural sector.