Pioneers of organic faming

Ekosem-Agrar is one of the pioneers of organic farming in Russia and was the first company to export organic products to Western Europe.

Our operation in Kaluga (Savino) produces organic beef and various organic food crops in compliance with the Russian and EU regulations for organic farming. In addition, the requirements for organic raw milk production have also been created. This is paving the way for the planned organic product line to be launched this year.

To this date, however, this segment accounts for only a very small part of our business volume. In general, the Ekosem-Agrar Group operates primarily conventional agriculture.

While the Ekosem-Agrar Group mostly engages in conventional farming, animal welfare, the avoidance of environmental pollutants and the responsible use of scarce resources are important aspects of our corporate culture. We use precision farming methods to automatically record the yield figures of the fields and manage the use of fertilizers on the basis of nutrient and soil analyses in an environmentally friendly manner and in line with actual requirements.


Gentle tillage techniques help preserve and improve the fertility of the soil.

We rely on the latest research findings also in the area of crop protection with the aim of minimizing the use of environmentally harmful pesticides on our fields.

We continuously perform quality controls in our own labs for the analysis of milk and fodder and work to continuously improve the feed supply of the herd.

In 2017, the use of silage additives was tested successfully across the Group. This helped reduce feed losses during the silage of the fodder and to increase the quality of the feed.

In addition, the Group tested the targeted use of bees for the first time in the 2018 season in order to improve the pollination of lucerne and thus increase yields. The first results are very promising and this method will be investigated further.