Foreword Stefan Duerr EkoNiva News Edition No 64

Foreword Stefan Duerr EkoNiva News Edition No 64

9 July 2019 News from the Company

Breathing new life into Russian villages

When compared to Berlin, the Russian capital definitely stands out as a more advanced and modern city offering endless opportunities. Large regional cities of Germany and Russia – for example, Voronezh and Stuttgart – are quite comparable. At the same time, Russian villages are far behind their well-developed German counterparts.

This explains the fact that even those who were born and grew up in the country do their utmost to move first to the biggest town of their district, then to a city and ultimately – to Moscow. A lot must be done to breathe new life into Russian villages. In the first place, people must have good jobs and salaries at least at the same level as in the city and maybe even higher. Secondly, people must have two days off per week, even those who are engaged in livestock farming. Finally, villages must offer all necessary infrastructure for comfortable living: kindergartens, schools, high-quality medical services and recreation facilities.


If the Russian village becomes a well-developed, comfortable place for living, I am sure, many young people will choose to live and work there, and some will even move back from the cities because living in the rural area is undoubtedly better! Of course, you can’t go to the Bolshoi Theatre or luxurious shopping centres in a village but you can enjoy beautiful nature and clean air, go fishing or take a walk in the forest instead. I feel a deep respect for people from rural areas. They are more adapted to cope with difficulties. Many city dwellers are like greenhouse plants: the smallest challenge may look like an insurmountable problem to them. They are losing basic survival skills. Rural people are more wholesome, they possess a unique enthusiasm which enables them to move mountains! All we have to do is just help them a little, focus their energy on the right things. I am very happy that the Russian government is currently paying close attention to the development of rural areas. I consider it extremely important and support the policy aimed at improving the living conditions in the village. Our company is interested in attracting young people to rural areas so that they could stay there to work and create families. We want them to feel comfortable and happy, therefore, with the support of the government, we build houses for young specialists and kindergartens for their children and develop local community centres. Many young people are happy to give up city life for the beauty and harmony of the countryside. I believe that this tendency will spread all over Russia to foster the Russian agricultural sector. It will be well worth the time and efforts of employers!

Stefan Dürr, President of EkoNiva Group