EkoNiva milk in Chinese supermarkets

EkoNiva milk in Chinese supermarkets

31 August 2020 News from the Company

The first delivery of EkoNiva milk has arrived in China. In August, the first exported dairy products in the history of the company reached the Chinese port of Dalian by sea.

EkoNiva's ultra-pasteurized milk is now available to Chinese consumers in retail packs of 1,000 ml with fat contents of 1.5%, 2.5% and 3.2%.

"The volume of the first shipment was 22.5 tons," said Ildar Rachmatulin, Senior Export Manager at EkoNiva Produkty Pitanija. "That is almost 22,500 liters of our tasty milk. One liter is available for 12 yuan, which is about 130 rubles or approx. 1.47 euros".


The products are available on the shelves of supermarkets and small stores in Northeast China, in the cities of Heihe, Suifenhe and Harbin in Heilongjiang Province.

"The milk from 'EkoNiva' is particularly popular in supermarkets that specialize in Russian goods," says Zhang Jie, Managing Director of the partner company Heihe Eyoujia Import and Export LLC from China. "One of the most important quality features of EkoNiva milk is the Russian-language packaging, which indicates its origin. The image of Russian products in China is very high. This first delivery of EkoNiva milk has now almost completely reached the retailers and I am already receiving inquiries for the next delivery from other supermarket chains. In the future we aim to deliver the milk also to Anhui and Yunnan provinces".


EkoNiva is currently discussing the possibility of expanding its product range with Chinese partners. Consumers in China also want to offer whole milk in 0.2-litre packs, yoghurt with a shelf life of up to six months and milk powder in 500-gram packs.

By Tatiana Ignatenko