EkoNiva’s new milestone: 1,500 tonnes of milk per day

EkoNiva’s new milestone: 1,500 tonnes of milk per day

10 December 2018 News from the Company

EkoNiva passed a new milestone. On 2 December, over 1500 tonnes of milk were produced. It is the best result in raw milk production in Russia and in the Top-10 worldwide.


It took EkoNiva just under a year of intensive work to increase milk production from 1,000 tonnes (December 27, 2017) to the current volumes.

‘Certainly, all the credit goes to EkoNiva team’, says Stefan Duerr. ‘Each team member is a true professional in their field, putting their heart and soul into the work they do.’

EkoNiva has been actively developing this year: it has been expanding its presence to new regions, increasing its herd size, building new farms at an impressive pace. The construction of 14 new livestock farms for 45,000 cows is underway in five regions, 8 of which will be completed by the end in this year, with the commissioning of the others scheduled for 2019.

Another highlight of the year is the successful launching of the new EKONIVA brand. The slogan of the brand is ‘The Milk, which we are proud of’. And indeed, we are. On 30 November, EKONIVA milk was recognized as the winner of the International Prize ‘Golden Clover’. 68 dairy products from 24 manufacturers competed for the title of The Best Milk.

‘We are proud of the fact that our milk has received such high accolade’, said Stefan Duerr. ‘We will make every effort to get it to taste even better. We want the people in small villages and in big cities alike to be able to buy natural, high-quality, wholesome and tasty dairy products at a reasonable price.’

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