Ekosem-Agrar Group launches sale of premium cheese "Dürr"

Ekosem-Agrar Group launches sale of premium cheese "Dürr"

12 October 2021 News from the Company

Ekosem-Agrar Group has started selling its premium hard cheese "Dürr". It is named after the group's founder and Chairman of the Management Board, Stefan Dürr.


"Dürr" is a high-quality premium cheese of Russian origin. It is produced using Brevi bacteria. When the bacteria multiply, they form a sticky orange coating on the surface of the cheese. This culture gives the product its unique smell and the crust its orange color. The cheese “Dürr" has a distinct aroma and a piquant taste of spicy herbal notes.

The hard cheese is produced in the company's own cheese factory in the village Shchuchye in the Voronezh region. High-quality raw milk is the key to the special taste of the cheese. The company selects it on the basis of 29 indicators in its own farms.

"From the very beginning, we wanted to produce unique Russian cheeses and not copy well-known recipes. Our goal is to create a product that in the future will be a calling card not only for the company, but also for the country. Hard cheese ‘Dürr’ is the first step on this path," said Stefan Dürr, CEO of Ekosem-Agrar AG.

The cheese will be produced in two maturing stages of 6 and 12 months. The first batches of the 6-month matured cheese are already available in the supermarkets of the retail chains "Perekrestok" and "Globus". The 12-month matured cheese "Dürr" is still in the process of maturing, so its sale will begin in January 2022.

"Globus and Ekosem-Agrar Group have been successfully cooperating for many years. We were the first retail chain to start selling the company's dairy products, and we are pleased to be among the first to offer the new cheese variety," commented Volker Schaar, the managing director of Globus-Russia.

Other large retail chains are also showing great interest in Ekosem-Agrar's new product, and the company is already negotiating with other partners. In addition, the cheese "Dürr" can be found in 39 EkoNiva brand stores in eight Russian regions.