Milk exports increased six-fold

Milk exports increased six-fold

23 August 2021 News from the Company

From January to June 2021, Ekosem-Agrar Group increased its exports of dairy products six-fold compared to the period from July to December 2020, both in terms of volume and monetary value. The deliveries are made from the dairy in Anna, Voronezh region. Ekosem-Agrar supplies ultra-pasteurized milk in 1,000-ml packages abroad.


China remains the most important export country for the Group. The milk "EkoNiva" was first offered on the shelves of Chinese stores a year ago. Products in Russian-language packaging immediately found their buyers: products from Russia are highly appreciated in China, as they have the image of being natural, healthy and of high quality. The average price of "EkoNiva“ milk on Chinese shelves is 9 to 12 yuan per liter (equivalent to 1.18-1.57 euros).

Initially, the products were sold in the northeastern part of China: in the provinces of Heilongjiang (including the cities of Harbin and Heihe), Jilin and Liaoning. Distribution has since been expanded to other regions: The milk "EkoNiva" is now available in retail outlets all along China's east coast. New contracts have been signed with major local retailers.

Previously, the milk was delivered by sea through the ports of Dalian, Shanghai, Tianjin and Nansha, taking just over a month. In the future, the plan is to use rail logistics, which will save considerable time and resources and increase the range.

"Ekosem-Agrar is interested in developing export markets. In the future, the company plans to supply products to Southeast Asia and the Middle East. For the Group, the export of dairy products is still a new area, but we see great potential. For Ekosem-Agrar Group, the development of export means, on the one hand, additional protection from currency fluctuations and volatility of the raw milk market, and on the other hand, expansion of geographical presence in new markets," says Vladimir Danielyan, Deputy Commercial Director at EkoNiva.