New philosophy

New philosophy

18 August 2021 News from the Company

Offering exclusively premium-quality seeds of high-yielding varieties and innovative solutions, EkoNiva-Semena knows how to increase the income from agricultural production. The company has been active in the Russian seed market for 22 years!


Quality always pays off. For EkoNiva's partners, one thing is certain: the requirement for high crop yields is good seed. The company supplies Russian farmers with the best global and local genetics which has passed rigorous testing in the holding’s own fields. Over the past three years, the production volume of certified seeds has doubled – up to 90,000 tons a year. The plant breeding achievements of primarily local origin chosen based on the results of market demand survey undergo environmental and geographical testing on the premises of Zashchitnoye (Kursk region). The annual number of preliminary trials reaches 600 varieties across 12 crops.

The development of in-house breeding is a priority. Thus, a center for plant breeding and variety maintenance was already established in 2018 at the Zashchitnoye plant. This is the first private center with a full-scale winter wheat breeding program in Russia. Moreover, a soybean breeding project was launched in 2019.

‘We employ excellent plant breeding and seed production professionals’, says Vitaliy Voloshchenko, Director of Plant Breeding and Variety Maintenance Centre. ‘Most of them have PhDs in the relevant sciences. The company has a competitive edge over its counterparts due to the high level of technical equipment: modern trial plot machinery, a greenhouse for effective hybridization, artificial freezing chambers for winter crops and own laboratories performing the evaluation of chemical and technological properties. The operations at the trial plots are carried out with the use of GPS-navigation.’

The company cooperates with Russian scientific and educational institutions in such areas as genetic research, plant breeding and personnel training.

‘We strive to conduct our business in line with the new philosophy in plant breeding and seed production’, continues Vitaliy Voloshchenko. ‘We use molecular biotechnology methods in our work. Yet our key advantage is the ongoing knowledge and technology transfer. We keep in touch with domestic and overseas plant breeders and exchange experience on a regular basis.’

Currently, six winter wheat and two soybean varieties are undergoing state trials. The cultivars of own breeding – Cepheus, EN Albireo, EN Taygeta (winter wheat) and EN Argenta (soybeans) – have been included into the State Register. The potential and economically useful traits of the varieties are very high. They are capable of delivering maximum performance at medium energy input per unit produced.

‘Our varieties are created in Russia, and they are first and foremost suited for the Russian conditions’, points out Vladislav Rosenzveig, Plant Breeder, EkoNiva-Semena. ‘We use our own theoretical developments on variety modelling, genetic biodiversification and selection methods in hybrid populations in the plant breeding process.’

The plant breeding activity and environmental trials are carried out in three locations, i.e. Kursk, Kaluga and Voronezh oblasts.

‘It is critical to know the photoperiodic response in order to optimize the vegetation period and phenological phase ratio’, continues Vladislav Rosenzweig. ‘It should be highlighted that success in plant breeding is only possible through constant learning, trying out new technologies and moving forward.’

EkoNiva-Semena takes an active part in unlocking the export potential of agricultural produce. The company exports high-quality seeds of field crops to the CIS countries and beyond: Kazakhstan, Belarus, Armenia, Azerbaijan, the Kyrgyz Republic, Mongolia and Ethiopia. EkoNiva is in constant development and search of new ideas and solutions for successful business!