Minister Müller visits EkoNiva

Minister Müller visits EkoNiva

6 May 2019 News from the Company

As part of his trip to Russia, Development Minister Gerd Müller visited the city of Voronezh in the central Black Earth region south of Moscow on 24 April.

The Minister attended a conference on "The role of Russia and Germany in feeding the world population", moderated by Ekosem-Agrar CEO Stefan Dürr.

"Russia owns 10% of the world's agricultural areas and has achieved great success in agriculture. In recent years, Russia has gone from being an importer to a self-sufficient country. We now want to share this knowledge with developing countries in order to secure global food supplies", said Müller.


Afterwards Gerd Müller visited the farm in Verkhniy Ikorets in the Voronezh region to gain an insight into the work on one of the EkoNiva dairy farms and see how the milk is processed. Having himself grown up on a farm, he was visibly impressed by the state of the art equipment and the efficient management.

During his stay in the Voronezh region, Development Minister Müller also visited a war memorial in Shchuchye commemorating the victims of the Second World War.

"We must remember our historical responsibility time and time again. This is especially important for the young generation", said Müller.