We are happy to help!

We are happy to help!

15 December 2020 News from the Company

The Covid-19 pandemic is dominating our everyday lives. While we are doing relatively well in Germany, this is unfortunately not the case everywhere in Russia. Therefore, we would like to help directly and support the fundraising campaign of the German-Russian Business Association "German-Russian Christmas Light".

In the Voronezh region, many people are affected by Covid-19. Especially hard hit by the pandemic are the people in the countryside. The village Vorobyovsky, 200 km southeast of Voronezh, has about 4,000 inhabitants and a regional hospital with 95 beds. Medical equipment for the treatment of Covid-19 patients is needed there, and we would like to make it possible for them to obtain it as well.

Once purchased, the equipment will be safely handed over to the hospital by our local employees.

You can help too! Even a small amount can make a difference. Further information and how to donate can be found here (German only).