A unique educational project

A unique educational project

11 December 2020 News from the Company

At the beginning of the academic year, Kursk State Agricultural Academy and EkoNiva launched a joint educational project, establishing an Interdepartmental Advanced Bachelor Course and a Specialized Applied Seed Breeding and Growing Department. All practical work related to the project will be carried out on the premises of Zashchitnoye Operation (Kursk oblast, Shchigry and Solntsevo districts).

Young, talented and professionally minded students, eager to learn and conduct academic research, feel confident about pursuing their careers in agriculture. Farming operations of EkoNiva will become their second home after they leave their alma mater. The Advanced Bachelor Course is formed from the best students who intend to continue their career path at EkoNiva.

‘This is a unique educational project’, says Yekaterina Kharchenko, Acting Rector of Kursk State Agricultural Academy. ‘Second- and third-year students from different departments will study and work within the project groups. Young people will work on their diploma projects and conduct academic research at Zashchitnoye.’

Yuriy Vasyukov, Regional Director of Zashchitnoye Operation, will supervise the educational process.

‘We are interested in obtaining talented and professional employees. Therefore, we consider this project extremely useful!’ emphasizes the Regional Director. ‘Students doing the advanced bachelor course will undertake a paid internship at EkoNiva. Besides, in their last year of study, they will be able to work in accordance with their university specialization on an individual schedule. Moreover, we are ready to act as mentors for the students of the Department of Secondary Professional and Further Education.’

The Specialized Department of Applied Seed Breeding and Growing is one more important area of cooperation. Leading experts of Zashchitnoye Operation will hold seminars on legal, methodological and technological aspects of seed breeding and early generation seed production.

‘The Specialized Department of Seed Breeding and Growing will work in close cooperation with the State Variety Testing Commission and EkoNiva-Semena’, continues Yekaterina Kharchenko. ‘This will help to improve the quality of education and boost the research activity in this area.’

By Tatyana Ignatenko