Attractive rural area

An attractive rural area is our foundation

A rural area that is worth living in, economically stable and ecologically intact – that is the very basis of our business model. We therefore take responsibility for the development of the regions in which our operations are located. We support the development and maintenance of the infrastructure, the improvement of health care, the promotion of the educational system and thereby create new perspectives for the people who already live in rural and often less developed areas, but also for those who only come to call such areas their home because of us.

As a major employer, we also support charitable community projects in our regions. By providing financial support to kindergartens, schools and nursing homes as well as sports, music and veteran associations, we help to improve the quality of life of our employees and the local communities.

In Shchuchye in the Voronezh region, for instance, Ekosem-Agrar arranged for the construction of a kindergarten and also participated in the construction of a museum. In addition, the company is the sponsor of a local soccer club and has provided financial support for the renovation and new construction of several local church houses.

"Our Russian home market offers diverse development potential, not only in agriculture. Today, energetic entrepreneurs find stable conditions for doing business in many industries. By building up the Ekosem-Agrar Group, we have seized the opportunity in the agricultural sector and formed a team that is unparalleled in our industry. In doing so, we benefited from the fact that our company has taken responsibility for the local people from the very beginning."
Stefan Dürr


Our goals

We want people to stay in the villages around our plants and more people to move in. To this end, we have set ourselves the goal of making an active contribution to the development and modernization of rural infrastructure.

►Among other things, we will support some 75 specific construction and development projects until 2026. These include cultural and recreational facilities, kindergartens, sports grounds and playgrounds, and much more.