Natural resources

Making responsible use of natural resources

The cultivation of agricultural land is a sustainable task per se. Our long-term strategy is based on the careful use of natural resources and on ensuring sustainable land use. We are aware of the challenges posed by intensive dairy farming and take the consequences for the climate and the environment seriously. This is why we are currently working on calculating our carbon footprint, among other things. Our goal is to gradually reduce energy consumption, conserve natural resources and promote biodiversity by improving efficiency and developing and using innovative technologies.

This is why we are increasingly investing in the use of precision farming equipment, which enables us to automatically record the yield figures of the fields and helps us control the use of fertilizer by means of nutrient and soil analyses in an environmentally friendly manner and in line with actual requirements. Gentle tillage methods preserve and improve the fertility of the soil.


In crop protection, too, we rely on the latest research findings with the aim of minimizing the use of environmentally harmful crop protection products on our fields.

Our goals

The climate, biodiversity and the careful use of water are important to us. We will therefore develop a climate strategy and a water strategy by the end of 2021 and set up measures to increase biodiversity in all our regions.

► Development of a climate strategy by the end of 2021 to save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions along our value chain and examination of the possibility to increase the use of renewable energy.

► Development of a water strategy by the end of 2021 to cut the Group’s water consumption and to reduce the discharge of pollutants, including groundwater protection, wastewater treatment, etc.

► We want to implement three biodiversity projects (wildflower strips) per region by 2026.

► We want to cultivate 5% of our agricultural land organically by 2026.