Commitment and passion

Ever since I was a child, I dreamt of managing my own agricultural business. At the time, it was impossible to think that one day it would be more than 235,000 hectares and over 81,700 cattle...
Engagement aus Leidenschaft

Agricultural Bonds I + II

Ekosem-Agrar GmbH issued two bonds in the German capital market. The Investor Relations section provides you with the most relevant financial information on the two Ekosem-Agrar bonds 2012/2021 and 2012/2022 as well as information on the extension of the bonds.
Agrar-Wertpapier I + II
Agritechnica 2013

Positioned for growth

Over the last years, Ekosem-Agrar invested in dairy farming, acquired new farmland, expanded its locations and built new sheds for its 81,700 cattle...
It’s all about the milk

It’s all about the milk

Dairy products remain luxury goods in many emerging and developing countries but dairy demand typically increases in line with local purchasing power. This trend is now in evidence in the fast-growing BRIC countries.